General reservation conditions   


The stay begins on Saturday for the Bamby, Estérel and Rio-Vista mobile homes and on Sunday for the Phoenix, Vénus, Maestria and Evasion mobile homes. The arrival time is set at 2:00 p.m. and departure at 10:00 a.m. Rentals are for entire weeks at a flat-rate price.

Registration is not considered complete until the “reservation notice” is received, confirming acceptance of the general reservation conditions and the reservation price, no later than 5 weeks before the arrival date.

A reservation agreement confirming the renter’s acceptance is sent to you in duplicate. It states: 

- the price in effect on the date of your stay, the definitive dates of the stay, the type of mobile home reserved,       

- the down-payment amount paid, and a precise list of the names of the people who will accompany the renter.

The reservation is strictly in your name and may not be transferred. It becomes final when the down-payment is received on time.

The down-payment is 25% of the total amount of your stay, not including the tax on the stay.

A receipt for your down-payment is sent to you at the same time as the reservation agreement.

The balance is to be paid on the first day of your stay, before you take possession of the mobile home. The tax on the stay is not included. It will amount to €0,20 per person over the age of 13 for each night spent.

Payment of a €150 security deposit will be required upon arrival. This deposit will be returned before you depart, after inspection of the premises reveals no damage, loss, or soiling. The mobile home must be in the same state of cleanliness as when you took possession. Departures will take place during Reception’s office hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The premises cannot be inspected outside of these hours.

If you cancel at least one month before the arrival date written on your reservation agreement, your down-payment will be refunded. A lump-sum deduction of €15 for administrative costs will be made. There will be no refunds for early departure during the stay. 

The arrival time must be no later than 4:00 p.m. on the day after the agreed arrival date, unless the renter states otherwise by phone or mail. After that deadline, the owner reserves the right to assign the mobile home to another guest.

Visitors, i.e., any person not included by name in the reservation agreement, who stay for at least one night must pay a fee of €7 per night, plus the tax on the stay. The capacity for the number of people in the mobile home may not under any circumstances be exceeded.

Guests must respect the campground’s internal rules. Renters may not set up extra tents, and only one vehicle may be parked at the mobile-home. Finally, for mobile homes with patios, personal tarpaulins may not be installed. Guests will receive an entry permit, since the campground is closed at night.